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Branding. The first step in creating a connection to your clients 

Amanda Brake 
Keller Williams Energy

Transforming Amanda Brakes brand from one of lacking a distinct feeling to one with a warm embrace. The oneness of the colours that were utilized to create an inviting invitation for those looking to take their first "brake" into the real estate. 

Creating a brand for a new agent in the real estate field is always fun as they want to have something that connects them to their target market as soon as possible. Leveraging Avon's cultural background to align with real estate investors has allowed him to take his business to the next level.

Avon May
Blue Elephant Realty
Nicolette Knight
Nicolette Knight
The Red Pin Realty

A brand developed that centers around women, both the first time buyers and they older crowd that is looking to make that final move. Utilizing Nicolette's last name "Knight" we were able to create a brand of strength, passion and reliability for her that creates comfort in the overwhelming feeling of buying a property. 

Bobby Chippa
Homelife Landmark

A brand that speaks the same language as his clients, something that every agent needs to do.  By focusing on a specific professional clientele, Bobby's brand now speaks the way his clients speak and think. By retooling his branding to being more in line with his target market he now has a commanding influence in that professional realm.